Thursday, February 16, 2006

You're Invited

First Baptist Church in Beaumont, Texas will ordain me to the gospel ministry next Sunday evening (Feb. 26) at 6:30pm. Ordination is simply a church recognizing that someone has been called of God and supporting them 100%. It is a church standing behind the call of God on a particular person's life.
My best friend, Rob Tombrella, will be preaching and another good friend, Denbigh Cherry, will be leading us to worship. If you can, I would love to see you there next Sunday night.

In the meantime:
1. What do you think about ordination?
2. If you have been ordained, tell us about the service and the meaning?


chase said...


I will be preaching that day in Big Spring, sorry I cannot be there. Denbigh is a great guy- tell him Hey for me.

I think ordination is a good thing, to be taken with the utmost gravity. I was ordained at a Church in Souteast Texas and, while the service a very consecrated time for me, I was grieved at the lack of seriousness in some of the "ordained men" who prayed over me, as well as the lack of straightforward questions about my life and doctrine.

If I was looking for a candidate to ordain, I can say without pretense that I think Justin Childers, by the grace of God, is an excellent candidate.

Sarah said...

WOW! I know at our church it is a HUGE deal to get ordained! You have to set before the panel of elders for hours and get asked all kinds of questions!!! But I think its awesome!

Justin, I thought you were already married us! Didn't you already have to be ordained for that?

Dallas and I are discussing the possiblity of coming! We would love to come and see you guys! We have a fellowship day with our "grow group" so we are not sure how that will work out....but we would love to come!

justin said...

Chase, thanks for adding "by the Grace of God" to that last line and reminding me of Christ who purchased all good things by His death.

Sarah, you and Dallas must not be married then. Just kidding (not very funny).

I have been licenced but not ordained. In Texas, you only have to be licenced to perform weddings. Far as I know, the only legal issue involving ordination has to do with taxes, which is a whole can of worms in an of itself.

Sarah said...

LOL! Boy that would be bad! Thanks for clarifying that! Had me worried there for a second!

Mark Redfern said...

May the Lord bless you and keep you, brother.

Sarah said...

Aw Man!

Looks like we wont be able to make it bc of the fellowship day with our "grow group". Since Beaumont is a couple of hours away, it would be hard to make it on time and then we would be really late getting home! we will just have to all plan a Sat. that we can come and see you guys and the girls can play together! That would be awesome!