Thursday, March 09, 2006

Redfern on Humility

I hope my friend Mark does not mind but I am going to copy his most recent post here. This is too powerful a list to not spread it around.

Humility draws the gaze, favor and presence of God (Isaiah 66:2, 57:15) while pride repulses Him and brings Him in opposition to us (1 Peter 5:5, Proverbs 8:13). If we would have God for us, we must seek to cultivate grace-enabled, Cross-bought humility in the power of the Holy Spirit. But first, let's do a little pride check.

Characteristics of the Proud
- Talk about themselves and their accomplishments
- Often compare themselves to others
- Concerned about what others think of them in public prayer
- Concerned about what others think in times of public worship
- After a meeting, I think about what I said and consider what others thought of me
- I fear speaking because I am afraid of making a mistake and saying something that would be considered stupid
- I take advantage of service that is likely to get me noticed and praised
- Do not confess sin to others
- Driven by a permeating perfectionism
- Feel good when others come to me for advice
- Like being the leader because it causes people to give you their attention
- Fear being a leader because I might mess up in front of others
- Extremely concerned about clothing
- Dress in a way that draws attention to themselves
- Laugh at other's mistakes, but blush at own

Characteristics of the Humble
- Amazed at God's love for them
- Often think about how great God is compared to them
- Understands personal weakness and willing to own and discuss them
- Primary goal in serving others is to bless them and glorify God
- Enjoy leading because of its service to others
- Enjoy following so as to assist the leader in serving others
- Will do the minimial tasks that get no recognition, and do them repeatedly
- Ask others for advice/asks questions
- Regularly study the Bible for guidance and direction
- Compare my life to God and not others
- Regularly confess sin to others
- Look for ways to spend time with people Jesus loved but the world doesn't
- When I make mistakes, I can laugh at myself and not be embarrassed
- Dress modestly
- Look to my parents for wisdom

30 Ways to Cultivate Humility
From C.J. Mahaney:
1. Meditate on the cross.
2. Begin your day by acknowledging your dependence upon God.
3. Begin your day expressing gratefulness to God.
4. Practice the spiritual disciplines.
5. Seize your commute to memorize and meditate on Scripture.
6. Cast your cares on Him, because He cares for you.
7. At the end of the day, transfer the glory to God.
8. Before going to sleep, acknowledge the gift.
9. Study the attributes of God.
10. Study the doctrines of grace.
11. Study the doctrine of sin.
12. Play golf.
13. Laugh often (especially at yourself)
14. Identify evidences of grace in others.
15. Encourage and serve others each and every day.
16. Invite and pursue correction.
17. Respond humbly to trials.

From Karl Graustein:
18. Ask God to make you humble.
19. Understand the immense difference between God and us.
20. Be aware of your weaknesses and limitations.
21. Study God's promises to the humble.
22. Study creation.
23. Spend time with people who are more gifted than you.
24. Learn a new skill.
25. Spend time with humble people.
26. Spend time with people who are honest with you about you.
27. Serve others.

From Mark Redfern:
28. Pray without ceasing.
29. Think often about the examples of Christ in Philippians 2:5-9 and 2 Corinthians 8:9.
30. Get married.

From Justin Childers:
31. Have kids (after you get married).


Mark Redfern said...


Thanks for the post. As for the frequent blogging, I can do it fairly expeditiously and it really helps me to "spiritually process" what I am reading and learning by chunking things down into digestable form. Whew...bad metaphor.

Anyway, I do appreciate your blog and hope to run into you at Together for the Gospel. I'd love to have lunch or dinner and would, I'm sure, greatly enjoy your fellowship.

Chase said...

Man, These are great thoughts...Convicting, Challenging, Encouraging!