Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Together for the Gospel

The T4G conference is just about a month away. I think registration is still open if you can go. At Capitol Hill this past weekend, they told the congregation some of the books that participants will recieve at the conference. I think they said it would be like $250 worth of books. I am sharing this list for two reasons (1) so that you will not buy these books in the next month, and (2) so that you will bring an extra suitcase to get them home. I do not remember the entire list. They were listed way too fast to write down. Here is what I remember:

1. Give Praise to God (Lig Duncan and others)
2. God is the Gospel (Piper)
3. Getting the Gospel Right (Sproul)
4. Humility (Mahaney)
5. The Reformed Pastor (Baxter - Special Edition)
6. MacArthur Study Bible
7. ESV Bible

This is all I can remember. I know there were several more.


Mark Redfern said...


We'll hit the bookstore together when we get there!

Clif Cummings said...

I read your blog about 8 hours too late. I just ordered Mahaney's "Humility" book! What time are you getting to Knoxville. My flight takes me from OKC through Dallas then direct to Knoxville. Email me your itinerary. Is our Reformed Presby friend still coming? I hope so!

Mark Redfern said...

Ahhh...It is so nice that this conference is so close. I just drive 2 hours west, and I can stay with family. Cost cutting.

Mark Redfern said...

Sorry, that's 2 hours east.

chase said...

Pray for me today men, I'm envious of your Wednesday and Thursday- I'll get the CD's. I am not envious of your Friday though- My wife turns 30 and we are taking a retreat together. I pray your days at the conference bear fruit that lasts in your families and ministries.

justin said...

Clif: yes, Mark is coming. We are flying together and renting a car. He has the itenerary. Humility is a fantastic book. You should read it before the conference and then you will double your joy by being able to give your free copy to someone else. Enjoying the Storms' messages. thanks!

Mark: yes, lets plan on meeting in the bookstore.

Chase: your time with your wife will be more profitable than anything we will expereince. Enjoy.

Chase said...

I can Amen that.

blake white said...

I cannot wait for this conference! I will keep an eye out for you. Maybe we will run into each other.