Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Prayer Walking

Mark Redfern has a good post about prayer walking, something we should all be doing more of.


The Taras Family said...

Honest question,

What is the difference in walking around these places and praying- or just praying but not necessarily "walking" through?

justin said...

Great question. A few thoughts:

1. Ultimately, there is no difference. God doesn't need me to put my hand on someone's chair or walk by their house to work in their life.

2. However, I think this kind of prayer walking does something for us. If I am regularly walking by a neighbor's house and praying for them, I am going to have a greater awareness of them. If I am walking through my church praying for the teachers, leaders, and others, I am going to feel more involved in whats going on.

3. Also, for me, I am more alert in prayer when I am doing an action that reinforces what I'm praying about.
If I start praying for the children's workers at my church, my mind drifts very soon. However, if I'm actually in the nursury or children's area, looking at the tables, chairs, posters, etc. I can sustain prayer much easier. That's just a practical reality.

Nate said...

I am taking a different approach. TV-Praying when an actor on say 24 or Lost comes on the screen I will place my hand on it and pray for them. lol....

The Taras Family said...


Yeah, thats kind of what I was thinking you were going to say- but I wasn't sure. Thats really good- One of the older ladies in our church was encouraging us as we make the beds in our home to pray for our children, spouse, marriage etc. I thought that was good also.