Friday, March 02, 2007

40% off ESV Bibles

Cheapest place to get ESV Bibles.

A couple thoughts about buying Bibles:

1. Get a Bible that you really like. I like the new designs and covers that publishers are coming out with (to an extent). I think you should like your Bible and want to carry it with you.

2. If you can, buy a new Bible every couple of years. A new Bible makes me want to read the Bible more. Also, it is not good to get familiar with where certain passages are on the pages. When you start reading a new Bible, it forces you to read more carefully. Some will argue that most Americans already have too many Bibles on their shelves. So, if you want, give your old Bibles away. I like the freshness of the feel of a new Bible. It helps me study.

3. Mark your Bible up. Circle, underline, highlight. I've heard it said that studying is reading with a pen in hand. If you do this, you will need to get a new Bible every couple of years. You want to make fresh marks each time you read a passage not just look over your old marks.

4. Bring the same translation to church that your pastor preaches from.

Get an English Standard Version!


laura said...

one thing i am doing in my current Bible- marking the passages that pertain/speak to me on being a wife and mother- since that is my main role (other than a child of God) right now- i hope one day i can give it to the girls (they might have to fight over it!) or use it to encourage them in their lives as mothers and wives as well. just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Justin,

Thank you for sharing this with us. Now, if I do have money growing in my pocket, I would be buying a lot of them online and give them away to other who need to have this Bible such as for Wilson Pregnancy Center. I wish that they would use ESV instead of NIV.

I do mark them up in pencil because I don't want to make any mistake as I write them down. I am doing that a lot more since before. I was mighty shy about marking up my Bible but write them in my notebook or keep record of them in my head which is getting overflow of them. But I am bless with excellent memory.

Eating His Word,

Clif Cummings said...

Already ordered me one from them! And picked up some ESV versions to give away at Piper's Pastors Conference!

The Taras Family said...

Hey Justin,

I dont know...I like having my bible and getting used to where the passages are. In fact, I have a color coding system that helps me when I read and study or if I am looking for something in particular.

Pink- women
Purple- discipleship
light blue- commands/put ons
orange- commands/put offs
red- promises
light green- attributes of God
drk blue- passages I would use to share the gospel.
tan- prayers by Paul

I just recently got a new bible (Thompson Chain ref), and while I do like having a new bible, it is taking me a while to get used to it- that may be also in part from going to a study bible to a ref bible...

I understand what you mean, but I really like knowing my bible well. I treasure it and want to know every square inch of it....does that make since?

opinion-minion said...

I mark up my TNIV all the time. As I am working my way through the Bible, I am finding my personal cross references very valuable. The common themes often start right in the beginning of the Bible, and when I make the cross references myself, I (naturally, ha, ha) find them more useful than built in references.

Granted, I often don't flip to related passages because the cross references are almost always in irritating tiny print in a skinny column, and it's hard to find the reference related to what you were reading.

I don't use the translation that my pastor preachs from, because he uses the KJV, and I have found numerous times that using a modern translation clears up what is a hopeless muddle in the King's English.

Still, I enjoy marking up my Bible very much, although I've only had my TNIV for a short time. I know that I'm going to have to transfer notes over when I get a new Bible.