Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Short Response to MacArthur

Monergism has a brief response to MacArthur's message last week. I found it helpful.


Clif Cummings said...

Great links in both this post and the previous one!

The Taras Family said...

From the Monegrism blog:
"At the conference, according to Challies live blog, MacArthur said something like this"

This is what I think is funny. People who have an opinion on what was said but weren't actually there-not being sassy here, but I just find it funny that people are so ready to jump on what was said and defend their view point- but didn't actually here what was said, and are taking other's opinions on what was said. I dont have an opinion about it, but I can't wait to hear the mp3! I'm very curious to hear what he said and how he said it. Then I can develop my own first-hand opinion.

The Taras Family said...

Grace Community Church now has the audio downloads from Shepherd's on their website...so now we can all hear the general session!


You have to sign up and get an account, but the downloads are only $2 and then you may download them as many times as you like.