Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Resurrection Resource

The Message of The Resurrection by Paul Beasly-Murray.
Question: Does your family or church do anything special for Good Friday or Easter?


The Taras Family said...

We have our good friday service at church, which is always so wonderful- and getting our minds centered on Christ and the cross- and ressurection, which without, we would be most pitied! (Just finished Desiring God and the Blazing Center...and so that is fresh on my mind this year) But sadly, our holidays always end up revolved around extended family. We don't get much time to start our own traditions. Both of our families live in the same town, which is wonderful...but you don't get to spend the day how you would like.

However, I am excited (I know Im going to get in trouble for this one) about starting a "tradition" that my grandmother started with me. She used to make a bunny cake every year with me. It was the neatest thing, with coconut for fur and jelly bean eyes and nose.....but I think as Naomi and I make this cake, we will most certainly talk about the true meaning of Easter. Because growing up, I always thought it was about bunnies, eggs, and sugar rushes! But I don't think it was all because of the egg hunts and bunny cakes, it was the exhaltation of the Easter Bunny and the absence of the Savior in conversations!

Does anyone know where in the world we came up with the Easter bunny and Egg hunts? (Not to start another "Santa" blog.) I have just been very curious. And also, how do we determine when to celebrate Easter- its on a different date every year.

Paul Schafer said...


This weekend, me and my family will be going to a passion play at another church in town on Friday night and then we work at church Saturday night and Sunday morning. Then we will go out to eat at Golden Corral Sunday afternoon. My mother is flying in from Colorado Springs on Thursday and spending the whole week with us. So that is special.

laura said...

something i plan to do with the girls (mainly Bethany who is almost 5) is use her doll house people to act out the Easter story from the triumpal entry to the resurection. we're going to get a shoe box to paint as a tomb, cut out rectangles from felt with a head hole to make the people look more "biblical" and make a cross somehow- maybe with cardboard. the intention is not for her to "play crucify" Christ, but to help her to learn the story and it's significance. i have learned that for Beth to learn anything, she either has to sing it, dance to it, or touch it! (as most preschoolers do) hoepfully Sarah won't eat Jesus in the process of our learning and celebrating the resurection!

Clif Cummings said...

Our church does something really special! We dismiss Sunday evening services in lieu of FAMILY TIME!
I am looking forward to it!!