Thursday, April 12, 2007

WTS Book Sale

Westminister Bookstore has added a "sale of the week" page. This week, they are selling some Reformed classics for very good prices. Here are just a few examples (see their site for all the sale books):

1. 2 Vol. Institutes for 45% off.
2. Packer's Knowing God at 50% off.
3. Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, Lloyd-Jones, John Murray, J. Gresham Machen, and more.

That sure is nice of them to celebrate my birthday by offering these great deals!


Anonymous said...

This is a REALLY dangerous place. Last week I put in an order on Thursday and it arrived on Monday. Not only are the prices better than Amazon, but so is the service!! I'll be keeping my eye on these weekly sales...


Anonymous said...

Why is it all about you?

justin said...

That last line about my b-day was a joke. Sorry if that was not clear enough.

Anonymous said...

it was clear justin...anonymous is just trying to start trouble. don't worry about it and have a super birthday. love ya!


laura said...

happy birthday justin- we got to see jeanna today (a treat for me!!) hope you had a great day-
laura, russ, bethie, sarah jane, and baby sam