Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Life of God in The Soul of Man

Piper's Pleasures of God was born from a powerful sentence in Henry Scougal's The Life of God in the Soul of Man.

George Whitefield wrote this after reading The Life of God in the Soul of Man:

"God showed me that I must be born again, or be damned! I learned that a man may go to church, say his prayers, receive the sacrament, and yet not be a Christian. How did my heart rise and shudder, like a poor man that is afraid to look into his account-books, lest he should find himself bankrupt.

Shall I burn this book? Shall I throw it down? Or shall I search it? I did search it; and, holding the book in my hand, thus addressed the God of heaven and earth: 'Lord, if I am not a Christian, or if I am not a real one, for Jesus Christ's sake, show me what Christianity is that I may not be damned at last!'

God soon showed me, for in reading a few lines further, that, 'true religion is a union of the soul with God, and Christ formed within us', a ray of Divine light was instantaneously darted in upon my soul, and from that moment, but not till then, did I know that I must become a new creature."
(Dallimore, p. 73)

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cavman said...

It is a great book. I read it about 9 years ago after Piper recommended it in one of his books. I may have to read it again while on sabbatical.