Saturday, May 12, 2007

My family, a sweet gift from God

I want to take this opportunity on Mother's Day to declare my love for my family.

The English language does not contain words to describe the joy my family brings me. Karis is a delightful two year old who loves to express her thankfulness to God and to those who serve her. She constantly has me laughing, singing, and wrestling on the floor. She loves to read books (especially "Faders Werld", i.e. "Father's World"), dance to Stephen Curtis Chapman songs, water the flowers, and eat bannanas. I never thought being a dad would be such a blessing.
Jeanna is a wonderful gift from God. She is the greatest mom ever. Her care and love for Karis is unsurpassed in any relationship I have ever witnessed. She has the most difficult job in the world and does it without complaint or selfishness. She serves me and puts up with my pride and selfishness. I agree with Martin Luther who wrote of his wife, "I would not exchange my Katie for Paris or all of France, for Venice or all of Italy, for God has given her to me and has given me to her."
Big News: We recently found out that Jeanna is pregnant with our second child! He (I hope) is due in mid-December.
All these gifts were bought for me with Christ's blood. Hallelujah, what a SAVIOR!


Clif Cummings said...

Congratulations on the news of your forthcoming child!!

Ken said...

Congrats Justin!!! That is awesome news!

Mark said...

Praise God for this new brother! May your tribe increase and your quiver be full!!!!


Mark said...

*news....not new...though he may be a new brother in God's sovereign electing purposes...and I pray that he will be...but what I meant to say was, praise God for this NEWS, brother!



The Taras Family said...

Oh WOW! That is so awesome! Praise the Lord! Congratulations on your newest blessing!