Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dr. Sam Storms

In anticipation of our weekend with Dr. Sam Storms, here are some resources:

1. Enjoying God Ministries' website. Sam has a ton of online articles, a blog, and all of his resources for sale.
2. The largest list of available Sam Storms' MP3's. Listen till you find yourself sickened by your sinfulness and enthralled by the beauty of Christ (Then, listen to a second message)!!
3. Dr. Storms' newest books: Chosen for Life and Signs of the Spirit.
4. Dr. Storms' best books: One Thing and Pleasures Evermore (in my humble opinion).
5. John Piper on Sam Storms: Good Theology, Bad Advice.

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Paul Schafer said...

Will you get audio MP3 at Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church as well as your church so I can post it on my blog?