Friday, January 25, 2008

The Errors of Open Theism

Here are some helpful resources dealing with the errors of Open Theism:

1. God's Lesser Glory by Bruce Ware - This is by far the best book on the debate that I have read.

2. God's Greater Glory by Bruce Ware - Although this book is not directly about Open Theism, it is helpful in presenting the Biblical teaching on the greatness of God in relation to His sovereignty.

3. Beyond the Bounds by Piper, Taylor, and Helseth - This is a compilation of articles dealing with the problems of Open Theism.

4. No Other God by John Frame - I haven't actually read this one, but have heard it is good.

5. Their God is Too Small by Bruce Ware - This is a popular version of his other book, God's Lesser Glory. It is basically a summary.

Any others you have read or heard of?


Chase said...

I would like reading the theology in God's Greater Glory to holding a real dollar bill, that I might know the real thing, verses a counterfeit. I have found Ware's works a great encouragement to my faith.

laura said...

justin- this is a question that you might think is stupid- what is Open Theism? if you can explain it in a few words...

laura said...

please disregard the question- i hadn't read down further! you are so smart to answer my questions before i ask them!