Friday, February 01, 2008

In My Place Condemned He Stood

Just get used to it, friends. I'm going to be pointing the 2 readers of this blog to CJ Mahaney's posts as much as I can (now that he has a blog). This man has helped me taste, see, feel, expereience, and rejoice in The Savior. His most recent post is fantastic. He recommends 4 books on the cross. However, read the article and notice what he does. Instead of just recommending books, he leads us to survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of glory died. You get to the end of the post not just wanting to get and read these books; you get to the end enflamed with passion for your Redeemer.

Here are the 4 books he recommends:
1. The Cross of Christ by John Stott
2. The Cross and Christian Ministry by DA Carson
3. Pierced for our Transgressions
4. In My Place Condemned He Stood by Dever and Packer (due out in April)


Mark Redfern said...


It is pretty ridiculous how like-minded we are. Just as I am about to go post, I realize you have already listed everything I was going to say. I should shut my blog down. You do the job quite adequately. :)

Ken said...

alright you guys, let's all leave a comment so Justin knows he has more than 2 readers!!

I am still here bro!