Monday, February 11, 2008

Reflections on Ruth

Here are a few of the ways I think the Book of Ruth is meant to teach us about God:

1. Even in the difficult circumstances of our lives, God is working to accomplish His redemptive purposes. The book of Ruth is Romans 8:28 illustrated in the life of Naomi.

2. God is in control of all things, including “ordinary” events.

3. Our love for God should be practically expressed in our love and kindness to others.

4. God’s grace knows no boundaries. Even a despised Moabite (Ruth) is included in the royal line of David and ultimately in the family tree of the Messiah.

5. None of us deserve God’s kindness. We should respond with humble astonishment when God shows favor to sinners like us. His grace is only possible because our Redeemer was willing to die for our sins.


Jim U. said...

Great! I love the book of Ruth.

Presley said...

going through this book right along with you. thanks!