Monday, March 31, 2008

New Shipping Rates

For those who like to get good books at good prices, here is some news:

WTS Books will have new shipping rates beginning Friday, April 4.

Orders over $35 will be $4 shipping ($1 cheaper).
Orders under $35 will be $7.50 shipping.

Do you like the new "tier" system?


Justin Nale said...

Not particularly, but I understand their reasons.

Hey Justin, are you attending the Band of Bloggers luncheon at T4G? Just wondering...

pastor justin said...

I like the new system because it saves me a buck when I order a few books at a time. I don't think I have ever ordered just one book. However, it I ever did just need to order one book, it would be expensive.

No, not planning to attend BoB luncheon.