Friday, April 04, 2008

Loving The Local Church

Christ died for His church and promises to build it for His glory. If Christ loves the church, so should we. Our love for Christ will express itself practically in our love for His church.

So, in what ways can we grow in our love for the local church? What have you done this week that could be labeled as love for the church?


pastor justin said...

No suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Same thing can be said for people or the church's lack of evangelism. Go!

Our Family said...

Here are some of the ways, looking back, that have grown my love for our local body.

Being involved in the lives of those who are in your local church. Spend time with them- Its so funny how the Lord has given us such a love for the church through relationships. These people are more dear to my heart than any other friends/family I have ever had.

Serve others in your local body. Watch their kids, cook them meals, pray for them, pray with them, help them pack/move/home repairs, etc.!

Serve the other members by getting involved in church administration projects. Are there materials that need to be put together for a class? Are their mailers that need to be sent out? Bullitins that need to be put together? Be that person people can call and look to for help!

read the accounts of the early church and see their love for one another...

okay, I am out of suggestions! How was that? said...

Good question. I wish more local churches were asking this question and trying to find ways to answer it. My wife and I were talking just last night about Derek Webb's song "The church" which says..."I did not come for only you, but for my people to pursue. You can not care for me, with no regard for her, if you love me you will love the church."
That is so inline with your comments. My wife was telling me last night that she has realized this past weekend that she doesn't want to be part of the problem. In other words, she doesn't want to be the things that she doesn't want or think the church should be. And in the positive she wants to be the things that she wants and thinks the the church should be.