Thursday, April 03, 2008

Worship Matters

Bob Kauflin's new book (Worship Matters) is now available. This is going to be a must read book on worship. I'm looking forward to singing of the Savior with Bob at T4G in a few weeks.


Justin Nale said...

Exactly what is the sign of the Savior? (just kidding!)

I am excited about worshipping at T4G as well. It was one of the most refreshing aspects of T4G in 2006.

pastor justin said...

very funny. I've been studying John 2 and the importance of "signs" in the gospel of John. My fingers are now trained for "sign" instead of "sing."

Clif Cummings said...

Hopefully they will give away the book at T4G! Two years ago UPS was my hero when it came time to pack to come back to Oklahoma!

Look forward to seeing you there!