Tuesday, April 15, 2008

T4G - Day 1

Loved today.

Lig spoke about the importance of doctrine. He basically challenged us to celebrate theology. Doctrine is for the glory of God and the joy of our souls. I was encouraged.

Thabiti spoke about why there is no such thing as race. Powerfully moving talk. He taught me to see people, all people, as related to me in my sin and in my design to bear the image of the Creator. I was challenged.

Of course, the panel talks were helpful and hilarious. CJ is in "charge" of these panels this year.

One of my favorite parts of the conference is the singing of old hymns with 6,000 others.

My favorite part of the conference is the people I get to hang out with and meet. I am enjoying the time with Jonathan, Chris, Mark, Clif, Weston, Rob, and the dozens of others that I got to talk with today. We are Together for the Gospel.

Large book store.

Free books so far:
1. The Faithful Preacher
2. Shepherding a Child's Heart
3. If You Could Ask God One Question


Michelle said...

Sounds awesome! Grateful you men (including my wonderful Rob, of course!) get to attend such an amazing conference and be challenged and encouraged! Enjoy!

laura said...

reading Tripp's new book- Instructing a Child's Heart- it's really good. at least i think that's the title. i just open and read. but it's good. worth reading.