Wednesday, April 16, 2008

T4G - Day 2

Blessed day.

John MacArthur preached masterfully on total depravity. We are unable and unwilling to come to God. He quoted Bunyan, who said, "My best prayer had enough sin in it to condemn the whole world."

Mark Dever spoke on the dangers to our understanding of the gospel and gave examples of how people are changing the gospel today.

RC Sproul brought the Word today. He preached passionately about the curse motif in the Scripture. He left me freshly amazed by Christ becoming a curse for me. The light of God's countenance was extinguished when He looked upon His Son.

Al Mohler spoke about the substitution and the modern day haters of the gospel.

Got a lot of books, including the new Dever and Packer book.

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