Friday, May 30, 2008

More on the Perfect Bible

I had no idea someone at Crossway would actually see the post I did a few days ago about my quest for the perfect ESV Bible. Yet another reason I love this publisher: they listen.

So, since they are listening, I'll go ahead and make my desires known.

One point of clarification: Please don't read this as ungratefulness or complaining. I really am very thankful for all the available editions. I realize that most other Christians in the world and in history didn't have any choices at all. I am grateful and humbled that men died so that I could have a Bible in my heart language. I grieve that so many languages still have no Bible at all. God has been kind to allow me to live where I can have access to such great editions of the Scriptures.

With that established, here is my one request:

I wonder if it would be possible to make the Personal Reference Edition a little bigger. Not thicker, just a little taller. If you compare the Thinline and the Personal Reference, the PR is an inch or two shorter. If it was the same height as the Thinline, you would be able to have a larger size font. If this would work, you would have a Bible a little thicker than the thinline that has cross-references (and single column). Quite possibly: a perfect Bible.

To preach from, I've got to have at least 9 point font.


Mark Redfern said...

I agree with you, Justin. If they made the Childers Edition ESV, I would pick one up.

Crossway, make this happen!

pastor justin said...

Mark, I haven't heard from you in a while. How are you?

If we could get enough people to say they'd buy one of these, maybe they will consider it?

Who wants a hybrid edition????

Randy said...

I'd get one too.

Jeff said...

I'd buy two.

P.S. I suspect that they will make a larger single column reference pretty soon. I think they really hit on a gem with the smaller one too.

jason sessoms said...

I have had 8 different esv editions, and the personal reference is by far my favorite and the closest thing to my "perfect bible". I can live with the font, though I would love to see wider margins. Although I like the size of the pr better than the thinline, I could get used to a larger size if it had wider margins, even it kept the same font.

Harlan & Blair said...

Don't forget the words of Jesus in red letters. I have been looking for one like this also.