Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Favorite Commentary Series

The Pillar New Testament Commentary Series is second to none. Each volume in this series is both exegetically sound and devotionally engaging. These two characteristics are hard to find in a commentary. You usally either get a good scholar who doesn't seem to love the truth he is writing about. Or, you get a bunch of application without solid theological truth undergirding it.

The only downside to the Pillar series is that it only covers part of the NT. They are slowly introducing new volumes as the years go by. Thus, I rejoice when I hear of a new volume being published.

Soon, the volume on Colossians and Philemon will be available. It is written by Douglas Moo (who also wrote the volume on James).


BoldLion said...

Justin, Thank you for sharing this information with us.

I happened to have Douglas J. Moo but in a different commentaries as you have mention about the Pillar ones. I have The Tyndale New Testament Commentaries in James by Douglas J. Moo.

I am reading the Letter of James for the summer Bible Study that Carol gave us to do for the summer. I mention about that in my blog.

Can you tell me the differences between both of the James that he did in Pillar's and Tyndale's?

Hungry to eat His Word,
BoldLion ~ 'Guerite

pastor justin said...

The Pillar Moo commentary will be a little more in depth and will be updated.
However, the Tyndale Moo commentary is fine if you already have that.

BoldLion said...

Thank you for the quick reply!

I also have John MacArthur's one as well. I (with Carol's help on her computer) ordered both Moo and MacArthur's which Carol mention for the Bible Study of the Letter of James.

I have enjoy both of them, but I got to pay attention to my Bible Study and not devote myself into just reading the commentaries alone. I just am using both of them to see if I understood the verse or passages as I am eating or studying His Word.

Hungry to eat His Word!
BoldLion ~ 'Guerite