Sunday, May 11, 2008

President of the US?

Poll #2 is just for fun. Of course, we all know that Piper, Dever, Mohler, and Mahaney are being used by God in their current roles. We don't want them to do anything else. Assuming they will continue their current effectiveness, who would make the best president? And why?

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BoldLion said...

I did vote the other day before seeing this blog!

I voted for CJ. I do love to vote for all of them and would love all of them for the ministry they are in and why should I take them out of their wonderful ministry. I thought since CJ lives near DC and maybe can juggle that.

Plus, if I am not mistaking, he is younger and more people would pull for him.

Just my thought!
BoldLion ~ 'Guerite

Mike said...

OK, OK I'll play along :)

I think I would vote for CJ too. I think he would have a humble, servant leadership style that would serve our nation well.

Chase said...

Tough call. Preachers have to make decisions presidents rarely could make and presidents have to make decisions preachers rarely would make.

Presley said...

C.J. w/ J-Chil as vice prez