Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Authority of Jesus

From my sermon on Sunday regarding the power of Jesus to heal the sick:

Jesus has all authority over:

All ailments and antagonists
All bacteria and burglars
All cancer and countries
All diseases and demons
All eating disorders and economies
All fevers and fears
All glaucoma and gas prices
All heart attacks and hospitals
All infections and invasions
All jaundice and Jihadists
All leukemia and litigations
All malaria and medicines
All operations and oppressors
All plagues and presidents
All rashes and recessions
All sicknesses and stock markets
All tuberculosis and terrorists
All viruses and villains
All wounds and all wars

There is not one microscopic piece of bacteria and there is not one overwhelming fear that is outside the sovereign authority of King Jesus. He speaks and fevers leave. He commands and muscles are strengthened.

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