Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wielding The Word

Chapter 8 of When I Don't Desire God by John Piper is one of my favorite chapters in all of Piper's writings.
Wednesday evening, about 20 people gathered in my living room and we read the entire (almost) chapter out loud. It was massively encouraging.

Here are 7 reasons I would encourage you to read this chapter:
  • Piper reminds us of the gospel.
  • It is saturated with Bible.
  • It contains a broad range of quotes from all through church history.
  • It is the most practical thing I have ever read from Piper.
  • It ignites a fresh passion for Bible study, memory, and meditation.
  • It addresses a broad range of important subjects:
    Bible reading, Bible study, Bible memory, Bible meditation, Joy, Importance of writing, Reading good and old books, Thinking, Biography, Small Groups, Spiritual gift of prophecy, The Local Church, Church leaders, Church membership, The essential role of suffering in Bible understanding (Friends, you won’t see this discussed in your average Hermeneutics text).
  • It will make you want to read the rest of the book.


Justin Nale said...


Don't forget to mention that people can read the chapter (or the whole book) this very moment at!


BoldLion said...

Thank you! Justin for reminding us on Wednesday night! What a crowd we had! I would never forget that special night. I do need to be reminded how it is so important to be Wielding The Word again.

By the way, I did mention you on my post about this post.

Hungry to eat His Word!
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