Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Micah Commentaries

After studying Micah, here are my thoughts on the commentaries:

1. The Best: Bruce Waltke's whopping 500 page commentary on Micah. Wow. This commentary is as in depth on any book of the Bible I've seen. On each passage, he has an "exegesis" section that is very technical and an "exposition" section that is very pastoral. I was very pleased by the countless references to Christ and His church. You can now get the paperback version.

2. The best short commentary: Waltke's Tyndale OT Commentary.

3. The best middle-sized commentary: Prior's Bible Speaks Today Commentary. Very good!

4. Good, but not the best: Gary Smith and Kenneth Barker.

5. Best homiletical commentary: James Boice.

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