Tuesday, September 18, 2012

26 Characteristics of a True Leader

In John MacArthur's The Book on Leadership, he lists 26 characteristics of true leaders. I found it to be both challenging and helpful. Here they are:

1. A leader is trustworthy.
2. A leader takes the initiative.
3. A leader uses good judgment.
4. A leader speaks with authority.
5. A leaders strengthens others.
6. A leader is optimistic and enthusiastic.
7. A leader never compromises the absolutes.
8. A leader focuses on objectives, not obstacles.
9. A leader empowers by example.
10. A leader cultivates loyalty.
11. A leader has empathy for others.
12. A leader keeps a clear conscience.
13. A leader is definite and decisive.
14. A leader knows when to change his mind.
15. A leader does not abuse his authority.
16. A leader doesn't abdicate his role in the face of opposition.
17. A leader is sure of his calling.
18. A leader knows his own limitations.
19. A leader is resilient.
20. A leader is passionate.
21. A leader is courageous.
22. A leader is discerning.
23. A leader is disciplined.
24. A leader is energetic.
25. A leader knows how to delegate.
26. A leader is Christlike.

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