Friday, February 10, 2006

Kanye West and the Bible

I recently heard that rapper Kanye West is saying he wants to rewrite the Bible and include himself. He says he deserves to be in the Bible or something like that.
First, let me admit that I have never even heard of Kanye West, much less know anything at all about his "songs" or life. I am not qualified to speak about his moral character or obvious lack of humilty.

However, let me say to Kanye: You are in the Bible, man.

Romans 3:23: "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."
2 Timothy 3:1-5: "But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive..."


chase said...

And there you have it.

Mark Redfern said...

Good point, Justin.

blake white said...

What really irks me about this guy is that he claims to be a Christian, and the majority of the world sees him as one. I first heard him when he wrote the song 'Jesus Walks.' I recently saw him on the cover of rolling stones, dressed as Jesus on the cross with the crown of thorns and all. Disheartening to say the least.

Mark Redfern said...

It is purely natural for a man to desire self-exaltation. There is nothing Christian at all about that. It is native to all of us.

But, when you become a Christian, you seek trying to make your name great. The cross becomes your boast (Gal. 6:14).

justin said...

Blake, wow, I didn't know all that.

Dutch said...

I have been observing Kayne West since I heard that he confessed Christ.
He is the one that stated during the Concert for Hurricane Relief that George Bush hated black people.
Here are some of his comments about wanting to be in the Bible:

The JESUS WALKS hitmaker, who picked up three Grammy Awards last night (08FEB06), feels sure he'd be "a griot" (West African storyteller) in a modern Bible.

He says, "I bring up historical subjects in a way that makes kids want to learn about them. I'm an inspirational speaker.

"I changed the sound of music more than one time... For all those reasons, I'd be a part of the Bible. I'm definitely in the history books already."

Your response "However, let me say to Kanye: You are in the Bible, man." is one that I wish he would read along with Romans 3:23.
Going back to Mark's comment about self exhaltation being native to all of us, it reminds me of the comments on your "NBC" entry about mocking Christ. How much of our sinful nature acts like Kayne? I pray for a humble spirit Lord! Praise be to You for Your mercy and grace!

Anonymous said...

When we do act like Kanye, and assume such haughty things, oh for friends to give us faithful wounds of rebuke, that we might rightly reflect the Lord Jesus. I pray such friends find him and speak the truth in love to him.

Phillip M. Way said...

thanks for the post. I used the reference in my sermon this morning!!

He wants to be in the Bible - and he is - along with all of us!!!!


Sarah said...

I dont get out much I guess...I have never heard anything about this!

I was just thinking of 1 Cor.1:25-31! Seems like this guy is looking to be boasted of. He is mighty either in his eyes, and maybe the worlds- But he should read that the Lord does not call many mighty, noble, or wise. He chooses the weak! The Lord wants to be boasted of!

anyways, I seriously dont think anyone will give this guy rights to put himself in the bible! At least I PRAY they dont!

Kamara said...

I think Kanye West is a very good rapper, because he is so deep. When ever he talks about somehting it is on a different level, which takes it beyond hip hop. I love him so much, just for being different. When he's music comes on somtimes I sit and cry, just because I know what he is talking about. I can think deep, others cant. So, yes I think he did change the era of Hip hop. and if that's saying he should be in the than maybe he should.