Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Savior Saving

In Jesus' second saying from the Cross, I find great delight. Here is the only time Jesus responds to anything anyone says to him while on the Cross. The mockers did not get a word from Him. He did not revile when reviled. However, when a repentant thief humbly asks for remembrance, Jesus responds, "Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise" (Luke 23:43).
Here is the Savior saving. Here is the Savior doing the work of salvation even as He does The work of salvation. Here is the Savior bearing wrath even as He bears the wrath I deserve. While He saves the elect, He saves a thief.

8 Observations:
1. Being crucified between two thieves reveals the depth of shame to which Jesus had descended.
2. Anyone can be saved (No one is outside the possibility of salvation).
3. The Lord is willing to save all who come to Him.
4. Salvation is all of Grace (This thief could do nothing to contribute to his salvation).
5. I see in this thief a picture of myself (totally unable to save myself).
6. Here is a picture of true repentance.
-He identified Christ as God
-He understood that sin was to be condemned
-He admitted that he was deserving of punishment
-He realized that Christ was sinless
7. When believers die, they go immediately into the presence of the Lord ("today").
8. Eternity is mainly about being "WITH" Jesus.

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chase said...

I am taking my small group through the thief on the cross Monday as it is a wonderful example of a brief text that is full of truth for our kives and God's glory. I am so looking forward to it.