Thursday, March 08, 2007

Shepherds Conference: Day 1

Here are just some reflections on the first day of the conference:

1. I was shocked by MacArthur's opening message. I do not agree with his conclusion nor his method. He talked about how every Calvinist must be a pre-millenialist. He asserted this very forcefully and basically said that everyone who is not a pre-millenialist doesn't read the Bible literally, dosen't honor God, and cannot be Reformed theologically. He associated Amillenialism with Arminianism, Open Theism, and Atheism. He directly bashed and contradicted great theologians like John Calvin, John Stott, and Jonathan Edwards. What can I say? It was not a good way to start a great conference. It was clear throughout the message that MacArthur does not understand Amillenialism and was attacking a strawman. Some of the other speakers are not even pre-millenialists. How about that for an introduction? "Welcome Lig Duncan, who I just argued doesn't not take the Bible litterally and does not honor God."

2. Steve Lawson preached the Word about preaching the Word. All preachers should get and listen to this message. It was a powerful call for powerful preaching.

3. C.J. Mahaney "filled in" for John Piper. What an impossible task. I was dissapointed that Piper could not make the conference. However, if there is anyone I would want to fill in for Piper, it would be Mahaney. He did not dissapoint. He preached powerfully about the perils of pride and the blessings of humility. I have heard everything he said, but it was refreshing and convicting. Get C.J.'s book on humility!!


cavman said...

After MacArthur's barrage... am I even a Christian?

I mean I'm lumped together with Open Theists.

Not the most charitable welcome to his guests.

Clif Cummings said...

Wow - how disappointing. It seems as if John would fit in with some SBC people who believe you have to believe the Bible their way in order to be saved.
I wonder what ramifications this will have in future Shepherd's Conferences?


Chase said...

For beliefs people argue, for convictions they die. Sounds like MacArthur picked the wrong hill on which to die.

blake white said...

I am very sad to hear this.