Saturday, March 10, 2007

Shepherds' Conference: Day 3

Some reflections on day 3:
1. Mark Dever delivered a great sermon from the book of Daniel this morning. He basically preached chapters 1-6 and challenged us to get ready for persecution and opposition. He told us to either get ready for jail or be willing to compromise the truth. It was one of those sermons that, I think (I hope), will leave a mark on me for a long time.
2. The Q and A panel was so-so. It was funny and the final question was deep and serious. However, it was way too short. Also, I've got one piece of advice for these Q and A panels: If Mark Dever is in the building, he should be leading the panel. No offense to J-Mac. He did a great job. However, no one, and I mean no one, can lead a Q and A panel like Dever. He knows how to ask a question, drag an answer, and press for the really important details. Just listen to the 9 Marks interviews.
3. John MacArthur preached from Luke 18 about the Pharasiee and tax collector. It was a classic J-Mac exposition and the emphasis was on justification and on the Savior's method of evangelism. I love John MacArthur. He is an expositor-extrodinare. He should stick to the exposition and stay off the pre-mil soap box.
4. The hightlight of the day: They started something new this year: Late Night Soap Box. They built these little "stages" all around the campus and each speaker took a station and got on their "soap box." Of course, I went to Mark Dever's. If CJ had still been here (he had to leave yesterday), I may have been tempted to go to his. His absence made it an easy choice. Dever was great. It was a mini-Deliberate Church. Classic Dever.

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