Friday, December 07, 2007

5 Reasons to Give Books for Christmas

As you shop for family, friends, and neighbors, I would urge you to consider giving a book as at least part of your gift. Here are some reasons why:

1. Good books tend to be gifts that last a long time. People don't throw away good books. They pass them on to their children, grandchildren, and church libraries. Sweaters, ties, and fruitcakes are relatively short-lived.

2. Good books are used by God to change people's lives. I have never heard of someone's life being changed by an ornament, an atomic clock, or a gift card to the GAP.

3. Think of the cumulative effect of giving books for presents. If you give a certain person a book every year for 50 years, you help them build a library.

4. Good books communicate care for a person. In giving someone a book you like, you are communicating something of how that book has helped you.

5. Good books tend to open conversations about spiritual things easily.

-Always write a personal note in the front cover. That way, the person can look back decades later and remember your care for them. If you are unsure whether they have a particular book, write in pencil.

-Plan to tell the person why you chose that book for them. Encourage them to read it and let you know what they think.

Have I mentioned that the cheapest, fastest, best place to get books is Westminster Bookstore?


Mark said...


Hi, it's Mark from Westminster Bookstore. What a great post? Would you put this on our site (with full attribution and linkage back to you, of course). I think what you had to say here would be very useful to people looking for gift books this season.

justin said...

Mark, I'm glad you liked the post. Feel free to use it however you want.
Thanks for serving the church by offering great books at great prices (along with great service)!

Mark said...

Thanks, Justin. We appreciate your encouragement!

Clif Cummings said...

I just ordered 5 ESV journaling Bibles from WTS. I am going to give them to some friends and staff for Christmas and encourage them to join me in the 1 year Bible Reading plan and journaling our thoughts. Then getting together to compare notes!
Yes - books are the best gift and WTS is the best place!


Mark said...

Now posted at See link in the header of our Gift Ideas category. Thanks, Justin!

Paul Schafer said...

Can I post your post on my blog as well?

pastor justin said...

You are certainly welcome to post this on your blog.

Feel free to post anything from my blog.