Sunday, April 13, 2008

Preparing for T4G 2008

I have the undeserved privilage of attending Together for the Gospel this week. God willing, I hope to provide updates, insights, and news from the conference here on the blog (No, I'm not "live-blogging").

In preparation, here are some relevant links:
1. CJ Mahaney on team building at conferences.
2. Tony is sitting by the machine making all the name tags and offers some helpful insights on the conference.
3. Justin Nale has some of the books we won't be recieving at T4G.
4. I voted for CH Spurgen to be invited to speak.
5. My thoughts from the music at T4G 2006 (you may still be able to hear the bootleg recording of "I Will Glory in My Redeemer." Most Sunday mornings you can find me in my office singing along with this recording.)
6. My reflections on the expereince with Rob, Clif, and Mark at T4G 2006.
7. The infamous MacArthur "cheese tray" picture from T4G 2006 (Knocks on the door are going to be welcomed this year).
8. Here are the titles of the messages for T4G 2008.


Mark Redfern said...

God-willing, I'll be there too.

Clif Cummings said...

If news reports are correct American Airlines will be at full schedule by Monday! PTL!!
I am anticipating another GRACE FULL experience with the Band of Brothers + the "newbies" that will be joining us.
Praying for safe flights for all; opportunities to share THE GOSPEL along the way and God to be glorified!!