Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Merit in One Drop of Christ's Blood

Bunyan meditated on the marks of a person who is coming (has come) to Christ for salvation. I have taken the liberty to update the language where I thought it would help with readability.

Do these things characterize your life?

1. Are you burdened with your sin, recognizing it as an exceedingly bitter thing?
2. Do you run from your sin as you would a deadly serpent?
3. Do you recognize and flee from the insufficiency of your own righteousness in the sight of God.
4. Do you cry to the Lord Jesus to save you?
5. Do you see more worth and merit in one drop of Christ's blood to save you, than in all the sins of the world to condemn you?
6. Are you tender of sinning against Jesus?
7. Is Jesus' name, person, and undertakings more precious to you than the glory of the world?
8. Is faith in Christ precious to you (as a means to connect you to Christ)?
9. Do you savor Christ in his Word, and do you leave all the world for his sake?
10. Are you willing (with God's help) to run in harm's way for his name?
11. Are his saints precious to you?

Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ, Works, p. 279.


pastor justin said...

How many would include #11 in a list like this?

Do you love the church for which Christ died?

J. K. Jones said...

Thanks for the quote.

I linked to it.


thehollandhouse said...

I missed this post on my reader, saw at Challies site. If I am honest, I do not like how I answer these questions! Thanks for the convictions that you are gleaning from this book!

Hope you are well!