Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gospel Implications for Evangelism

J. Mack Stiles gives us some implications of the gospel for personal evangelism. How does the message of the gospel inform our witness?
  • The gospel shapes our view of people.
  • We share our faith with joy, since our hearts are filled with gratitude about Christ's work in us.
  • We can be generous with our faith since we know God's generous love.
  • We do not fear the rejections of others since we know that we are accepted by God.
  • We witness with humility since salvation is by grace through faith.
  • We share without manipulation because true faith is from God alone and cannot be manipulated.
  • We share freely with all because we know he redeemed us; as a result, there can't be difficult cases beyond the grace of God.
  • Our proclamation of the gospel is filled with truth and grace because our message is filled with truth and grace.

Marks of the Messenger, pp. 57-58.

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