Friday, April 16, 2010

T4G Day 3 Recap

Lig Duncan helped us understand how to rightly read the Church Fathers (those who wrote during the first 3 centuries after Christ).

Matt Chandler was given some time to model suffering well for the glory of God. I so appreciate how Matt is allowing us to see his faith. We prayed for God to heal Matt.

CJ Mahaney took a few minutes after Matt spoke to challenge us to prepare our churches to suffer well. He challenged us to believe the gospel in the midst of suffering.

CJ Mahaney ended the conference with a very soul-edifying challenge to be faithful to the task. God gave me fresh passion to press on through his message. And, it was classic CJ: funny and helpful.

You can listen to or watch all of the messages from T4G here.

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Clif Cummings said...

I so appreciate your recaps, however it makes me miss being there even more.
However, our Sovereign God had a plan and it would not have been good for me to be in Louisville this week.
Long story short - God has once again revealed to me His Sovereignty over all things and I am thankful for His call upon my life.
Keep blogging my friend... and keep preaching the unaltered gospel.