Tuesday, April 10, 2012

T4G Day 1

Got to the arena today with 6 minutes to spare (thanks to Josh!). It was a fantastic first day. Great to catch up with some friends. Great to hear Mahaney, Mohler, and Dever. Great to sing praises with 7,000 other voices. And great to get 19 free books (can I get an "amen").  A few highlights:

1. Al Mohler knocked it out of the park. He preached from Romans 10 about the power of the articulated gospel. He argued that we must use words to communicate the gospel.

2. Classic Mahaney and Dever. I never get tired of hearing these brothers preach.

3. Zero Dollar Bookstore! Nuff said. I'll try to provide a list when I get more time.

4. Refreshed by the gospel.

1 comment:

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