Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Father's Gracious Election

Mark Driscoll on free will.


Chase said...


justin said...

Chase, was that an "amen" or what?

Anonymous said...

Justin, Do you have any thoughts on how to respond to someone who uses Luke 13:34 as a proof text that God does not interfere with man's freewill? The obvious is this is one text that must be interpreted in the whole light of scripture. But I would appreciate any light you might shed, or suggested readings. Thanks,
Mike, Rowlett, TX

justin said...

Good question.

What Jesus said about Jerusalem is true of everyone who refuses to repent and believe (2 Peter 3:9). It is clearly possible for God to desire that people be saved and yet not save them (and yet those people who are not saved are totally responsible for their not coming to Jesus). To use language from John Piper: God must have two wills.

I would point you to Piper's article titled, "Are there two wills in God?"

Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin. I appreciate your thoughts! I will look up Piper's article. Thanks again, Mike