Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Mailman

Allow me to be the mailman and deliver some mail to you. Here are blog posts and other resources worth taking note of:

1. CJ Mahaney now has a blog: CJ's view from the cheap seats.

2. Sovereign Grace Ministries is following the lead of Desiring God and offering some of their resources for dirt cheap. Starting Feb. 1, you can get their music cds for $6 and their Pursuit of Godliness books for $5 (and Free Shipping).

3. Here is a list of Steve Lawson resources. I love the preaching of Dr. Lawson!

4. Justin Nale writes about being a Calvinist and wholeheartedly believing John 3:16.

5. Al Mohler finally has his own book coming out. Dr. Mohler writes more than anyone who has never published his own book.

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