Thursday, March 05, 2009

Not So Ordinary Pastors - Recap of the Interviews

My interviews are complete. Here are the links to each post.

Dan Rolfe
Jim Upchurch
Justin Nale
Jonathan Brooks
Clif Cummings
Mark Gibson
Chase Bowers
Randy Alston
Rob Tombrella
Justin Childers (Me)

A few reflections:
1. God has blessed me with some great friends. I'm freshly grateful for what a blessing these guys are to me.
2. Did you notice how many times The Supremacy of God in Preaching by John Piper was mentioned?
3. There is some profound wisdom in these interviews. I have been challenged by the example of these pastors. Here are some of the nuggets that I appriciated off the top of my head:
-Dan's answer to the question about leadership ("You must do this Dan. No one else will.").
-Jonathan's answer to the question about counsel regarding preaching (His two points are the two most important points in preaching).
-Mark's honesty regarding discouragement over our own lack of change and growth.
-Mark's answer to the question about the use of time: "No one at the second coming will wish they had spent more time watching TV, playing computer games or chess."
-Rob's side note regarding re-reading books: "When I learned that God was the most joyful being in the universe in his own glory in Christ it ruined me. I seem to measure all books on whether or not they point to the glory of Christ as the ultimate solution to sin."

Any highlights for you?

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Jim said...


Thanks for the interviews. They were helpful and encouraging.

I'd like to hang on to (and encourage all of us to hang on to) the title "ordinary pastor" though. Not just accept it, but embrace it... wear our weakness on our sleeves.

Do you know where I'm going with this? Thought you might:

"I am an ORDINARY pastor. Christ is the EXTRAORDINARY Savior."